Monday, September 24, 2012

New and Rare Photos of Lee Harvey Oswald

18 Oct 1940
"1st birthday picture.New Orleans,La. "
* * * * *
Oct 1941
"note black suit ,was hand me down from John to me to Lee,we still have
.also mother writing in bottom rt.corner "Lee-age 2". "
* * * * *

Jul 1955
"We were out in New Orleans together after my discharge in July Exchange place,N.O."
San Diego
18 Jul 1957
"Taken at graduation of ATC&W DEPT., Biloxi, MS A stone throw from "Oswald" Cemetery, he didn't know"
1957-58 Corregidor
1958 Overseas
"Used in Fort worth Star Telegram,1959,they masked around his face area."
* Comments in quotes are by brother Robert and are reproduced here as is.


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    1. Well, go dig up his corpse and have at em', then !!!!!

  2. "Are you the one who took a pot-shot at the President, Lee Harvey?"………. and didn't miss?