Monday, September 24, 2012

Oswald and Claverie Family Trees

Persons of Interest

New Orleans 1956
Marilyn Murret, Lillian Murret, Lee Harvey Oswald

Robert E. L. Oswald
04 Mar 1896 - 19 Aug 1939
Second husband of Marguerite Claverie. Father of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Died at age 43, 2 months before Lee Harvey was born
1942 New Orleans
Lee Harvey with Uncle Bill

Marguerite Claverie Oswald 1907-1981

Comments in quotes are by Robert Oswald and are reproduced here as is.

1910 New Orleans
Age 2 1/2. New Orleans,La.
1922 approx
"Mother on rt.,unknown on left but belive one of her sisters,looks like on boat??"

1925 approx
"Mother on right,Bal unknown.Maybe Eddy Pic??"

1925 with Lillian
"abt 1920 mother on left,believe it's aunt Lillian right"

1927-06-05 New Orleans
"@ Chalmette Ruins,Edge of New Orleans"

1928 approx
"Mother on rt.,one of her sisters?"

1935 approx

1937 age 30
"Taken while living in New Orleans,La 1943"

1943 hosiery shop employees
"3rd from Left,others unknown,john & I would go their to get our movie money @ our weekly visit from BOH."

1943-Nov-17 New Orleans age 36
"Taken while living in New Orleans,La 1943"

1945 Dallas
"on the side of 4801 Victor st. ,Dallas,Texas"

1945-1946 Dallas
"4801 Victor St.,Dallas,Tx,side of house that's garage in background."

1947 Fort Worth
"1805 8th Ave. ,Ft.worth,Texas ,Christmas time"

1948-49 Benbrook TX
"Benbrook,Tx note drive way .That's the way it was."

1956-Feb New Orleans
"taken @126 Exchange Pl.,New Orleans,La."

1956-May New Orleans mother's day
"Age 49,New Orleans,La.,she gave one copy to each of us."

"@break Fair Dept.,Ft.worth. With glasses on."

1961-11 Vernon TX
"Bird cage was Lee's,he boubht @15 1/2 in New Orleans-had @ 126 Exchange Pl."

1962-09 age 55 as practical nurse
"age55,@Rosenthall home ,Ft.Worth,Tx."

1964-01-15 New York
"UPI photo@News conference"

1965-12-30 passport
"But she never used"

1975 approx Fort Worth
"In her nurses uniform,practial nurse."

1978 Fort Worth age 71
Ft. Worth,Texas

1979 age 71 ft worth
"One of the last pictures taken,Ft.worth"

New and Rare Photos of Lee Harvey Oswald

18 Oct 1940
"1st birthday picture.New Orleans,La. "
* * * * *
Oct 1941
"note black suit ,was hand me down from John to me to Lee,we still have
.also mother writing in bottom rt.corner "Lee-age 2". "
* * * * *

Jul 1955
"We were out in New Orleans together after my discharge in July Exchange place,N.O."
San Diego
18 Jul 1957
"Taken at graduation of ATC&W DEPT., Biloxi, MS A stone throw from "Oswald" Cemetery, he didn't know"
1957-58 Corregidor
1958 Overseas
"Used in Fort worth Star Telegram,1959,they masked around his face area."
* Comments in quotes are by brother Robert and are reproduced here as is.